Is snail mail that slow?

  josie mayhem 01:08 07 Feb 05

I returned home yesterday form work, and found royal mail posties up to there usual standards and tricks.

A letter addressed to the vicarage behind me. But this time I'm going to shuff it into the postbox, has even if it had been urgent I would have plenty of time to forward it to the reciver.

I recived it on staturday the 5th of febuary, but the post mark says it was posted on the 13th febuary!!

As Royal mail realy improved there delivery times, that they can deliver mail a week before it has been posted out??? or is this just a publicity stunt???

  wiz-king 06:12 07 Feb 05

The company I work for is about 1 mile from the sorting office, we sometimes get on mail one day and two the next every day would be nice, to get in the money a week before its due - the bank would most lightly hold on to it to get more interest! Have you seen any old style police boxes in your area?

  josie mayhem 11:19 07 Feb 05

Year 2005

No haven't seen any old fashion police boxes. But to come to think about it, around here it's a hard push tosee or even find a moden policeman!

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