Slightly more serious phish...

  Chris the Ancient 21:01 01 Feb 11

... that may well catch people out coming, 'apparently', from the DVLA.

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Apparently, it looks very realistic and doesn't fall into the usual bank phishing category.

  fullyfitted 21:33 01 Feb 11

Chris the Ancient

I like to think I’m pretty cautious on un solicited emails but as I’ve reached the magic three score years and ten I’ve got to apply for a new license and this one might just have caught me out. It is very realistic.

Many thanks for the tip off


Ps can I rename myself fully fitted the Ancient?

  justme 21:52 01 Feb 11

The spelling of the word "license" would alert me as when it has an S it is a verb. The noun licence has a C.

  Bapou 22:36 01 Feb 11

and the postcode is wrong.

  BRYNIT 23:02 01 Feb 11

If I recieved this email I would just ignore it for two reasons.

1. If it's not addressed to me by name it gets deleted.
2. DVLA do not have my email address.

  jakimo 23:48 01 Feb 11

Your explanation has its limitations,since spelling has not been a pre-requisite even in English Language exams at Uni level.
Our students have a poor record when it comes to spelling..for quite a few years students have been told to 'spell it' phonetically,by using the phonetic Alphabet,like other other languages do.

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  Legolas 08:45 02 Feb 11

After reading the email I can hardly hear with all the alarm bells going of in my ears. It is quite well done and would maybe catch out more people if it had been spell checked.

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