Skip, Sit or On the Run?

  Riojaa 12:41 17 Sep 07

Do you skip, the so called most important meal of the day, or catch some on the run?

Or do you sit down and enjoy a good 'hearty' breakfast?

Well, these are important issues of the day, for all of us.

  jack 13:45 17 Sep 07

A 'Proper' breakfast -Everyday.
Being diabetic I have to do it - but then I did it as a 'normal' person too.
Whats normal?
For me - two sorts.
Monday/Wednesday/Friday- gym day - a work out from just after 8 till 930.
Cereal[porridge or shred wheat no sweetener] toast and preserve honey coffee.
All other days skip the cereal -fruit[banana etc.,]toast / coffee
just got to do it.
If I don't I am about ready to fall over come mid morning.

  Quickbeam 14:59 17 Sep 07

Sat at the dinning table, grapefruit juice, Columbian coffee, thick toast (1/2"), white or wholemeal as the fancy takes me. Marmalade on white or honey on wholemeal. Daily rag spread open... a leisurely 30/40 minutes.

Then the dog informs me it's walkies time!

  techie4me 15:33 17 Sep 07

I currently start the day in the gym for a hour followed by a quick breakfast of ceral and then off to work.
I'm lucky in the fact that being fit is part of my job so i need a good start in the morning before a shift starts.

  wiz-king 16:54 17 Sep 07

Mon - Fri. = 2 x large strong black coffees no sugar at 4.30 - 5.30AM the about 10.30 sandwich or samosa.
Sat - Sun. cooked breakfast at about 7.00 AM + 2 black coffees.

  SANTOS7 17:36 17 Sep 07

Most people today sem to eat AL DESCO, goes with the job..

  Bingalau 17:42 17 Sep 07

Large bowl of Porridge (4 minutes on medium in microwave made with milk, to upset my Scottish friends) add a large tablespoonful of mandarin slices and some of the juice, from one of Aldi's tins. Even my grand children have grown to like it. Large mug of coffee to wash it down and I am o.k. until about 14.00 hrs.

  sunny staines 18:01 17 Sep 07

mon-fri large bowl of museli with soyamilk

weekends porridge follwed by crumpets topped with tahini.

never miss breakfast unless drowsy from painkillers but dont tend to be out of bed long on those occasions.

  Legolas 18:09 17 Sep 07

I have a roll in sausage every morning in work and a cup of tea yummy. Square Lorne sausage by the way none of your links for me

generally i leave breakfast until about 7.30 in the evening. i find this does away with lunch and dinner and after all it's the most important meal of the day!

  Jak_1 20:12 17 Sep 07

2 cups of coffee.

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