Six unexpected uses for the arrow keys

  Beard 29 Nov 11

Clicked on the link in todays PCA email and tried the suggestions for "Six unexpected uses for the arrow keys". Didn't work and spent several minutes wondering why. You forgot to mention they are for a MAC not a PC (it's in the small print by the title on the site. Is it me or is the clue in the title PC Advisor?

  Covergirl 29 Nov 11

Beard - do you fancy posting a link to this article - I'd be interested but can't seem to find it. Cheers

  Beard 29 Nov 11
  Covergirl 29 Nov 11

And you can do broadly similar things in Windows.

  D@ve 30 Nov 11

PC Advisor's parent company owns many other magazines, and artilces from them frequently appear on here without being checked over to make sure they still make sense and are correct. The arrow key article is obviously about a Mac when read in the MacWorld magazine, but not obvious at all when read on PC Advisor.

I've just read the news article on here about a movie being shot on a camera phone which has been taken straight from American magazine PC World, and again there's several bit's that aren't really appropiate, eg:

"to help it get to 2,000+ movie theaters around the country", which to the unsuspecting reader would imply the UK when in fact I'm sure it means America.


"In the Kickstarter video embedded above", there is no video embedded above.

I have seen some articles which have bits added to them to make them relevent (an article about a 4G phone springs to mind where it is clearly pointed out that the UK version will not be 4G), but it's a shame that so many get published without being checked over first, especially on a site that attracts as many readers as this one does.

  Aitchbee 30 Nov 11

You could prise them out and re-arrange them physically on your keyboard for a giggle, and/or have the arrows replaced by the letters, N S E W, the cardinal compass points...for better navigation!

  Beard 01 Dec 11

To AitchBEE: I tried putting an Apple sticker on my PC but that didn't seem to work either ;)

  Beard 01 Dec 11

To D@VE: I wholeheartedly agree with you. If you are going to plagiarise, at least make it appropriate. I've been getting PCA since it launched and have noticed over recent years the drift and the inclusion of more and more non PC related items. I am well aware of the convergence of technologies but still.... I wonder if the Editorial staff read these forums?


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