site very slow;or just me?

  p;3 14:38 01 Jul 07

try again IS this site very slow or is it just me; frequent time outs and forum not found

and postings refusing TO post

  postie24 14:40 01 Jul 07

No probs here p;3

  Colin 14:42 01 Jul 07

I find that after clicking on "My Postings" it's about 30 seconds until the my posts show up, but the other categories are almost instant. It has been like this for months.

  p;3 14:48 01 Jul 07

I am waiting to post a complicated thread with a link to a previous thread but cannot find the thread and with the lack of spead here I may give up pro temp

I am getting frequent time outs; forum not found, ; had TWO attempts to post THIS thread

GGRR I have never known it so slow ...sorry

and I am on Broadband too!!!

  johndrew 14:51 01 Jul 07

It was about 15 minutes ago so I shut Firefox down and disconnected. Now it seems OK.

  p;3 14:52 01 Jul 07

if anyone has my previous thread on problems with AOL in their postings can they please park a link on here ? I cannot find it yet and with the forum this search is taking for ever::(((


  rdave13 15:53 01 Jul 07

Is it this one? click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:04 01 Jul 07

Site been very fast all day...IE7 and Tiscali Max.


  sunny staines 16:17 01 Jul 07

been ok today, using ie7, might be the ads slowing down loading of the page, try using IE7pro loads pages faster by killing those complex ads and the green print links.

  p;3 16:21 01 Jul 07

thats the link

sunny staines; I have this forum ads free so it aint that either::

I will wait until another more acceptable day to try to post my compilcated thread

now will THIS post or not??

  sunny staines 16:53 01 Jul 07

I get days like that but not today

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