Site error when attempting to reply

  john bunyan 15:11 PM 13 Jun 12

I tried to post a reply to a thread, but got a message: "Site Error". Happened twice. Anyone else having problems?

  barmybuckle 15:15 PM 13 Jun 12

test reply

  barmybuckle 15:15 PM 13 Jun 12

Looks like it's working now.

  spuds 15:34 PM 13 Jun 12

It will settle down, the Webmaster as been informed by internal email!.

  john bunyan 15:40 PM 13 Jun 12

test reply

  john bunyan 15:42 PM 13 Jun 12

Spuds _ Quite Right (Don't panic Mr Mannering) Interesting to know what happened though.

  Forum Editor 16:59 PM 13 Jun 12

It's a server glitch - it happens, often when the site is under a heavy load. Nothing to worry about, and as you've discovered, it soon rights itself.

  john bunyan 17:34 PM 13 Jun 12

FE Thanks. I thought that it was at my end as others seemed able to post.

  Forum Editor 18:58 PM 13 Jun 12

If it's any consolation it happens to me, and it's been happening more often over the past few days, when I've been accessing the site via my iPad in Southern France. One of those things, but I know it can be a worry if you're not sure whether it's at your end or not.


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