royalflush 12:08 14 Feb 07

This isnt very nice for workers is it,a similar thing happened down here where iam (essex) with the same company last year...

click here

  Totally-braindead 12:12 14 Feb 07


  Zero G 12:53 14 Feb 07

quiet pleaseeeeee

  anchor 12:58 14 Feb 07

Another Hitler arrives at Tesco.

Jawohl, mein fuhrer!!

  oresome 13:26 14 Feb 07

A similar situation occured at our local Tesco.

My wife went to the customer service desk with an item that was wrongly charged at the checkout.

The assistant said that she would have to check the price ticket on the shelf edge before giving a refund, but unfortunately she had been instructed not to leave her post by the line manager.

There ensued a few minutes silence. My wife certainly wasn't going away before the error was corrected and wasn't interested in Tesco's internal disputes.

Eventually, the assistant became embarassed and relented, wandering off to check the price.

I presume that the line manager had seen queues developing at the desk at some time with no staff in evidence and had asked them not to leave their post. This was now being taken literally.

Could be a similar thing in Beverley

  wiz-king 13:27 14 Feb 07

some of my staff would take note!

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:59 14 Feb 07

It's at times like this that you need the backing of a strong union. If only more people would understand that and join one.

  Kate B 18:22 14 Feb 07

Couldn't agree more, Mr M.

  bremner 18:30 14 Feb 07

At times like this you just need common sense, which I am sure is what will happen. A more senior manager will review the situation and undoubtedly bring the errant night manager to task.

  spuds 18:34 14 Feb 07

The days of strong unions have long gone, the iron lady saw to that.

On a funny note, perhaps the location of the store and planning permission as something to do with the ban. No excessive noise between the hours of 10pm to 6am :o)

  SB23 19:03 14 Feb 07

Bring back the good old days. When I started at Tesco's on the night shift, we had music playing over the speakers and all you could hear was singing, but the work got done, and the whole store was replenished for the next day. When I was then put onto days, and stayed that way for 6 more years, boy did I miss the night shift.

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