Is this a sign to come?

  The Brigadier 16:28 15 Feb 07
  lisa02 16:40 15 Feb 07

Makes sense.

  Totally-braindead 16:54 15 Feb 07

This is getting ridiculous. Where will it stop? What if we get an influx of overseas workers from another country what will we do then? Put up another road sign for them? And then more from another country - another sign?
It doesn't make sense. If the Poles are that bad at driving that they have accidents we should be making them sit a driving test in the UK - which they can pay for, not putting up more signs.
If they don't know what the signs mean they shouldn't be on the road.
Lisa02 if you went to another country would you expect them to put up more signs for you? No you wouldn't you would learn what their road signs meant.

  Kate B 16:56 15 Feb 07

Actually, a lot of countries have road signs in English.

  lisa02 16:57 15 Feb 07

"Lisa02 if you went to another country would you expect them to put up more signs for you? No you wouldn't you would learn what their road signs meant."

If I went somewhere were there was a heavy English speaking population then yes. If putting up a multi-lingual sign prevents at least one accident or at least one death then it is worth it.

  Kate B 16:58 15 Feb 07

Well put, Lisa.

  Pamy 17:00 15 Feb 07

the Welsh do.

  Teaboy 17:01 15 Feb 07

I support absolutely the position of totally-braindead. It is utter nonsense to put up more signs on our roads to accomodate Poles or any other unable-to-speak-English bods. Let them learn the meaning of our signs, or keep them out!

  Pamy 17:02 15 Feb 07

I ment put up English signs for us English

  anskyber 17:06 15 Feb 07

Obviously none of you have driven near any of the continental channel ports who have signs in English (and other languages) in an accident high risk area?

  Totally-braindead 17:11 15 Feb 07

I must admit when I posted I was assumming we were talking about the highway code road signs not names as in London 20 miles etc.
In Greece the road signs are in English and Greek because apart from the Greeks I'm fairly sure no one can read them and they have a lot of tourist trade. If you've seen some of the names you'll know what I mean.
The point is where do you stop with something like this.
At the moment its the Poles, next year it might be some other country.
What are we going to have, signs in 3 or 4 languages? More?
I would be interested to know what signs specifically they had the problem with.

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