Should PCA allow guests to post

  spikeychris 21:19 08 Jul 04

or at least read the threads?

  Lionheart ? 21:41 08 Jul 04

Reading the threads seems ok, but as being able to post as a guest could leave it open to abuse.

  kev.Ifty 22:02 08 Jul 04

By Guest i assume you mean, "not logged inner's"

Non members can read the titles of threads and maybe could be enticed to join if, perhaps, they were able to see examples of the questions asked.
But i don't think answers to questions should be available to guests.

As for posting...... I bet FE would be kept busy
if they had that facility....
Why? well registering and providing your E-mail addy makes you assume a little bit more responsiblity for your comments(sometimes anyway)
Also if one is a member, one is more likly to return and therefore learn the ettiquette of this splendid forum (i feel all superior now, huh guests....really?)

hee hee,lol,an all that!

  gudgulf 22:02 08 Jul 04

I agree that guests should be able to read the forum threads,most other forums seem to allow this.Having said that most other forums don't have 143,000 members!

Surely it wont do any harm to allow casual visitors to see just how good this forum is.

  norman47 22:34 08 Jul 04

I think if "guests" were allowed to read threads then the forum membership would swell. Yes the can see a small selection of current topics on show, but what they cannot see is the strength, comradeship and dedication of the membership in trying to solve these topics.

PCA is unique in certain ways in which people can join. These facts only come to light after they have registered. For instance, their is no Fred Bloggs has joined at 17.51 on the 7-7-04. Then 20 posts to welcome Fred Bloggs. Then the queries as to why Fred Bloggs has not posted yet. Then the personal questions directed to Fred Bloggs. The above is usual to quite a few computer forums and with a membership fast approaching 150,000, this could deter quite a few budding members.

I don't think that guests should be allowed to post, I think you would see an abominable amount of abuse directed to members. They could snap sick remarks and run away.

  stalion 22:52 08 Jul 04

read yes post no,costs nothing to join and is worth every penny

  Forum Editor 23:50 08 Jul 04

to permit guest posting on a forum of this size. The control implications make my blood run cold.

As for guest reading........well I'm not sure I see the sense in allowing unregistered people to browse through all our threads. If they can't be bothered to complete a simple free registration why should they expect to benefit from all that valuable information and advice?

  Djohn 02:26 09 Jul 04

If Speakers corner establishes itself then it might be a good idea to allow guest to read but not post in this forum, it would give them a look at how the forum works without giving access to all the valuable information contained in the other forums. It may just whet the appetite enough to encourage them to join.

  Dan the Confused 04:02 09 Jul 04

I think guests should have access to information contained within the forum. Maybe some people are wary of giving details and I think the information contained within should be free and unrestricted for everyone.

  Dan the Confused 04:06 09 Jul 04

Talking about the other forums on this site, by the way...

  spuds 12:32 09 Jul 04

Registration to this site is very easy with no big problems attached. Why be a Guest when you can become a free member via a few key strokes.Unless of course, you have something to hide!.

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