shopping complex installs medevil type toilets

  sunnystaines 11:01 15 Jul 10

click here

for foriegn nationals that cannot adjust to a modern lifestyle, i presume they lack paper too.

could be a health hazzard form the mess from women that cannot aim straight.

  donki 11:21 15 Jul 10

It really is laughable and a real waste of funds when times are tight and public funds are being cut across the board. This is the kind of project that should be cut first before are more front line services.

  wee eddie 11:21 15 Jul 10

There is a huge part of the World Wide Community that has grown up using "Squat Toilets".

If that attracts more of that Community to this particular Shopping Centre, bully for them, I would say that it is money well spent.

Our type of toilet, comfortable and familiar as it is to us Brits, is not the only solution to the problem and is actually, unnatural.

The "Squat Toilet" allows the body to work in the way it is designed to do.

p.s. it is also quicker as 'blokes' find it hard to read the paper while they do their business!

  Quickbeam 11:24 15 Jul 10

Most weekend town centres have medieval middens for this purpose. They are usually located down dark alleys, but the more convenient and well lit high street shop doorways are becoming more popular among the shameless generation.

  donki 11:32 15 Jul 10

IF I wanted to be "natural" I would park my car at the side of the road, run into a field, find a tree, do my bussiness and then find a nice fresh Dock leaf :).

  lotvic 11:33 15 Jul 10

How do you get up and out again after you have fallen in? Not everyone can achieve or maintain the squat position.
I didn't see any grab rails...

  wiz-king 11:45 15 Jul 10

I will have to practise my 'hover' technique.

  sunnystaines 11:45 15 Jul 10

saw these type toilets in the middle east they were filthy and disgusting with turds on the floor where they had gone astray.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:58 15 Jul 10

that the people who decided to install these inconveniences have ensured that they are wheelchair accessable!


  Clapton is God 12:57 15 Jul 10

Yet another excuse to pander to certain non-Christian 'religious' requirements, according to one paper I read.

  lotvic 13:03 15 Jul 10

That must be why the Burka is worn - you can't identify who has left a mess. (joke - in poor taste for the PC brigade)

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