Shop a grey Squirrel

  Seth Haniel 11:15 16 Aug 07

and condemn it to death
click here

(and have many a restless night)

hope they all read the following first click here

  spuds 12:02 16 Aug 07

We have a number of grey squirrel's in our area with traces of red in their fur. Could this be a throw-back from possible inter-breeding!.

It all seems to be about culling nowadays, and possibly wiping out a species. Hedgehogs, badgers,crayfish, mink etc.

  lisa02 12:06 16 Aug 07

There's loads of grey squirrels living in a bit of woodlands & stream where I used to walk to work, before taking my leave. Absolutely loads of them and not scared at all, they came within inches of me on the footpath.

  oresome 12:26 16 Aug 07

How about a culling programme to reduce the human population? I'm sure many other species would benefit.

  spuds 12:32 16 Aug 07

They are expecting free food hand-outs, that is why they are very tame. Word of warning, they can inflict a nasty bite which can contain many germs, that may require urgent medical attention. Wouldn't recommend taking a baby or young child in these areas, unless the parent/carer are extremely watchful.

  sunny staines 12:37 16 Aug 07

a few years back saw all black one in virginia waters,egham. not sure what that could have bred with to go black.

  Seth Haniel 12:58 16 Aug 07

Princess Street gardens in Edinburgh - and they also have the run of Edinburgh Zoo in with the Rhino's
come up and feed from your hand

  wolfie3000 13:03 16 Aug 07

Why do people think that culling one animal will save another?

Utter stupidity.

Badgers and cows, predatory birds and song birds, foxes and chickens,

The list goes on, sometimes i dispair.

  sunny staines 13:23 16 Aug 07

where we live grey squirrels are nice to watch but also a real pest, they break into roofs chew through cables, bury hazel nuts everywhere resulting in hazel tree's sprouting up all over the garden. I would not cull them, but would like them relocated in large numbers to reduce the damage risk.

  Cymro. 13:39 16 Aug 07

I have always considered gray squirrels to be vermin. Just because they seem to be nice and cute and cuddly people want to protect them.

It is just the same with rabbits, again just vermin. If these people thought that rats were nice and cute and cuddly would they also want to protect them?

  Seth Haniel 13:47 16 Aug 07

Hope you're not chopping down these Hazel Trees ;)

given the chance a red squirrel would probably do the same damage ;(

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