The Sharapova Screm

  proudfoot 15:47 PM 02 Jul 11

Should the Sharapova Scream be banned. I feel it is gamesmanship, an attempt to put the opposing player off and it is so annoying to the audiance. No one objects to a loud exhale of breath at a difficult shot, but at every attempt to hit the ball is excessive. But for the screams I would have been neutral as to who won the ladies championship at Wimbledon, but I was rooting for Miss Kvitova and thankfully she won.

  bremner 15:59 PM 02 Jul 11

I am with you and it can be no coincidence that three of the loudest screamers have the same coach, total gamesmanship.

I have watched the final with no sound as it is so off putting.

  Belatucadrus 17:07 PM 02 Jul 11

Maybe Andy Murray needs to try the Jonny Weissmuller Tarzan yodel on every serve ? Couldn't be any worse than Victoria Azarenka who makes a noise like a horse whinnying

  morddwyd 19:19 PM 02 Jul 11

I think they have really got to do something to moderate these noises.

It's becoming ridiculous, and is ruining the game as a spectacle, you just keep waiting for the next scream/wail/grunt or whatever.

  natdoor 19:41 PM 02 Jul 11

I agree. But I also think that the number of ball bounces before a serve should be limited, possibly to a maximum of three.

  HondaMan 19:58 PM 02 Jul 11

Didn't do her much good. Did it?

  Joseph Kerr 00:50 AM 04 Jul 11

I dont know why people get their knickers in such a twist over it.

  Quickbeam 10:10 AM 04 Jul 11

Maybe that's what causes the scream?

  Joseph Kerr 12:02 PM 04 Jul 11


  finerty 14:35 PM 04 Jul 11

its only a game

  Crosstrainer2 15:23 PM 04 Jul 11

Hey all, scream or no scream she lost! I'm not a tennis fan, and the screaming sounds annoying, but it did her no good whatsoever!


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