Senna Film

  Noldi 05 Jun 11

I went to the cinema to watch the Senna film last night, very disanointed a lot missing, the made a good part on the Prost battles. Maybe the Family had a lot to say on the content and kept some parts out. Anybody sean it andwhat did you think????????????


  Noldi 05 Jun 11

Sorry "very disappointed" when we getting spell check.

  Forum Editor 05 Jun 11

"when we getting spell check"

You've got one already, and it recognises 'disanointed' as being incorrect.

  Bingalau 05 Jun 11

It would pay dividends if you just read through what you have typed before hitting the post button. Then use the spell checker. Even then if you anything like me you will still come up with the occasional rat (error).

  Colin 05 Jun 11

Can't comment on the Senna film but regards to spelling, I compose my posts in Word than cut and paste into the forum.

  Quickbeam 05 Jun 11

Cut and paste is far too much bother, that's why they put a simple word processor into the forum. And who was this king that got disanointed with senna oil?

  johndrew 05 Jun 11

Senna Pod ;-))

  wee eddie 05 Jun 11

Senna Pod ~ is that where the Cars go like shit ~ Oh No ~ That's Santa Pod!

  Strawballs 05 Jun 11

If you use Google Chrome browser it has spell checker as standard

  Noldi 05 Jun 11

Sorry the comment about spell check was not the point of the thread It was early on Sunday and yes I am also disappointed with myself for hitting the publish before thinking, looks like I high jacked my own thread. Now has anybody else a comment about the film instead of my presentation.


  Colin 05 Jun 11

Sorry, Noldi, but one more question about spelling. It doesn't work when I post a thread which is why I use Word first. Where is the spell check facility on this forum?


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