Sending cash abroad cheaply

  Cara2 22:01 23 Feb 08

Following on to my thread about rapidly getting money to my son in Malta and the general agreement on these forums, that Western Union was the best way ...

Can you help me again please? I am looking at again sending money over, perhaps more regularly. I have checked out the cost of sending money via my bank a/c to a Maltese bank a/c and it would incur a £20 charge. Quite expensive.

My next thought would be to put money into my sons Barclay a/c and he could withdraw it from an ATM (No Barclays in Malta though). This will incur a % charge, but I think this will be quite a lot cheaper.

What do you think? Any other suggestions?

If using the ATM method, I would have to send over his connect card. Is there a safe way of doing this?

All help appreciated.


  octal 22:14 23 Feb 08

I haven't any real suggestions, but it sounds like a good excuse for taking a holiday and taking his card over at the same time.

Just a thought, have you asked the bank on the best way of doing that?

  Cara2 22:25 23 Feb 08

No, not yet.

Just felt motivated to apply myself to the problem this evening - banks are closed of course.

Does sound like a good excuse for a holiday doesn't it - if only!

  Forum Editor 22:28 23 Feb 08

you can use Fedex or UPS - they'll deliver the card directly to your son. Obviously you'll have to pay for the delivery, but it will be worth it. You can then pay money into your son's account, and he can use Link ATMs in Malta.

  Cara2 23:16 23 Feb 08

Thanks will look up Fedex and UPS. And you think that ATMS in Malta is the cheapest option?

  Forum Editor 23:26 23 Feb 08
  Cara2 00:51 24 Feb 08

Gosh, Barclays have a Malta Rep? As I understood it, Barclays do not have a branch in Malta? Will query via the email address you give though.

Have explored my son opening an HSBC account in Malta. It seems to transfer money from my Barclay a/c to an HSBC a/c would cost £20.

Plenty to think about. These forums never fail to help. Thank ever so.


  anchor 14:27 24 Feb 08

I would recommend a Nationwide account.

Withdrawing from a foreign ATM does not involve an additional charge, (unless the local bank operating the machine make a charge).

I do this from time to time with my Nationwide Flex account card. Ask at your local Nationwide branch.

  anchor 14:30 24 Feb 08

Not directly related to your question, but the Nationwide Visa card does involve a surcharge when used abroad. It has save me a lot when travelling.

Most others carry a 2.75% extra charge.

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