See Shuttle Launch live

  dagbladet 19:05 04 Jul 06

For those interedted. Shuttle due to go in about 30 mins, just listening to commander talking to mish control now about some minor tech issue.

  dagbladet 19:06 04 Jul 06

Sorry forgot the link

click here

  p;3 22:19 04 Jul 06

I must confess I am asking myself just what is the point of this as the program is to be shelved in ?how many years; and the risk to the crew ; is it really all worth it , or am I a kill-joy?

yes we have gained some technology from it ( including some items now used in my Professional line of work); however; that crew is not safe until and if they land back on this plannet in one piece and alive ; I recall the explosion on return to earth that halted the program , and when I saw that on tv I honestly thought I was watching a fireworks display, until I realised that it was the shuttle breaking up on re entry; lets hope and pray that they do return alive

  silverous 09:26 05 Jul 06

On holiday and saw the shuttle waiting at the point where it lifted off... I wish I'd caught this link last night and watched it now.

It is an awesome thing although I share p;3's safety concerns...when they talk about bits hanging off or whatever the concerns were but still lift off.

Bit of a risk on independence day also...if it went wrong, aside from the tragic consequences, American's would be remembering that on independence day each year.

  Blackhat 15:10 08 Jul 06

Wow, now showing live video/audio of space walk.

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