See just how clever you are...No Cheating!!

  ams4127 28 Dec 11

I got 19

Mensa Test

  Condom 28 Dec 11

On my third question I threw my mouse at the screen....

  justme 28 Dec 11

I got 24, but I like doing these sort of puzzles.

  interzone55 28 Dec 11

Scored 26/30 in 14 minutes - not sure if the bottle of Old Dan helped or hindered

  Aitchbee 28 Dec 11

I managed 16/30, some of the answers were obvious...but I must admit I did have a guess at three of them.

  BRYNIT 28 Dec 11

I managed 17 only answered the easy ones

  carver 29 Dec 11

Afraid only managed 19 but I did miss four questions out and should have got another one but changed the answer from the right one to a wrong one.

Don't think I'll be joining.

  Brumas 29 Dec 11

I'm 'thick as pig sh*t and twice as sloppy', only managed 17 ;o{ I blame this from spending some time with Bingalau, must be a rare case of 'passive daftness' ;o}}

  Bingalau 29 Dec 11

I managed twenty, some by guessing some by getting my brain into gear and one by overrunning the allowed time by three minutes. Sorry about that Brumas, but maybe it was done by telepathy. I was upset because I never got one of the anagrams. If I had attempted to do this in the late evening I may have ended up with about five or six.

  robgf 29 Dec 11

I got 25, but there were a few lucky guesses and some of the questions seemed a bit suspect, in particular the Potato and Radish, seemed rather obvious.

  badgery 29 Dec 11

robgf " particular the Potato and Radish, seemed rather obvious."


Why not potato to lettuce? (one letter more pear -apple, so one letter more potato - lettuce). Entirely depends how your mind works!!


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