Scrabble, Monopoly and a new shooting range game

  Phil Ocifer 15 Jan 13

We've already got a thread on here about the change for Monopoly tokens.

Now someone is looking at Scrabble tile values.

Whatever next?

How about changing the pictures in a pack of cards to be more relevent to todays society? We could have a goth, a punk, a chav and a crossdresser perhaps?

Or how about Cluedo with a sub-machine gun and tazer as the weapons?

Or how about the National Rifle Association releasing a new shooting range practice game in the USA?

  interzone55 15 Jan 13

Firstly - does it really matter?

Secondly - they do have a point, as language use changes, the frequency that certain letters are used changes, so tile values, and perhaps quantities, should change to reflect this.

  Quickbeam 15 Jan 13

Does Col Mustatd get shot in the study by the battleship for spelling a word wrong in his mitigation...?

  Mr Mistoffelees 15 Jan 13

No, Colonel Mustard gets killed by a roadside bomb while walking along the drive.

  Quickbeam 15 Jan 13

He should've worn his tin top hat.

  Bing.alau 15 Jan 13

I don't see how it matters, the game is sometimes won by luck although of course it pays to have good command of the English language. I play quite regularly with family members and we remember the value of tiles off by heart. Changing them would achieve nothing in our opinion. (I've just had a show of hands).

I am just wondering is the game played in other languages? I don't fancy taking anyone on in Mandarin or Russian.

Are the tiles of different values in German? If it is played in Germany that is.

  csqwared 15 Jan 13


Foreign scrabble

  interzone55 15 Jan 13


That link has answered something I've often wondered about, namely how many Z's in a Polish scrabble set - the answer is 5, and it's only worth 1 point

  Bing.alau 15 Jan 13

csqwared. Thanks for that link. I wish I had played the game years ago when I was in Germany. It looks as if it could be a good fun way to help learn the language.


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