Scotland on the brink of an economic disaster?

  cream. 22:12 10 Dec 07

It may need as many as 20,000 migrants a year to keep it's head above water.

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  Cymro. 11:44 11 Dec 07

So if Scotland needs 20,000 immigrants a year to keep it`s head above water, how many do other parts of the U.K. need?. I don`t see this as just a problem for Scotland.

  spuds 12:28 11 Dec 07

The next thing, will be a report about lack of housing, shortage of services and long waiting lists.

  jakimo 12:50 11 Dec 07

It seems Scotlands population is not growing becausing the Scots no longer have any lead in their pencil

  Monoux 16:02 11 Dec 07

"It seems Scotlands population is not growing becausing the Scots no longer have any lead in their pencil"

No problem just import some toys from China
they seem to have plenty in them

  oresome 17:07 11 Dec 07

"They are most likely to stop when they have two children, compared with English women who go on to have three or four."

I don't understand the above statement from the report. Two children remains the norm in England and Wales and the fertility rate is 1.86 children per woman, only slightly ahead of Scotland according to National Statistics.

  bluesbrother 22:42 11 Dec 07

I know this was meant to be a little on the light side but this from Scunnert's post on that page, does highlight how it effects us all.

'I know all you growth is good folks think you understand the situation and have contingency plans and all that. But I think you're a bunch of windhags that just want to import a larger market and cheaper labour force.

All you developers out there who want to rip down and build up. More office buildings, more supermarkets, more motorways, more bridges, more golf courses - your hearts are racing at the very thought of it. Your pathetic vision of endless growth and money, money, money!'

Makes a fair bit of sence

  sunny staines 05:35 12 Dec 07

cant understand how they afford all those extra perks free prescriptions, university, care for old biddies, back dated pay rises for nurses and police, etc. not knocking it just wish the south would follow the example.

  Monoux 06:09 12 Dec 07

sunny staines-- I've read somewhere that Scotland gets approx £1500.00 per head per year more from central government than England so that would seem to be why it can be afforded.
I suspect the fact that there are so many MPs from Scotland ( including the PM ) has something to do with this.

  badgery 06:52 12 Dec 07

That's because of the Barnet formula, that has been agreed by all parties, for many years.
We never complained when Scotland was providing all the oil that allowed Maggie to create the dole queues for us, in order to restore our English economy at that time!
Anyway, how the Scots spend the money they get, under this old formula, is now up to them since Devolution. Let them get on with it - they seem wise enough to make their own decisions!

  Monoux 08:31 12 Dec 07

Perhaps we should all move to Scotland to get a better return on our tax money.

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