School Kids Today.

  pj123 15:16 04 Mar 08

I live quite close to a couple of schools and see the kids coming and going.

They all seem to have massive packs on their back that would weigh an elephant down!

What do they have in them?

When I went to school I never had to take anything. It was there at the school.

Pens, Pencils, Paper, Ink, Books etc…

I never had to take anything home, least of all homework.

School hours for me were 9 to 4. Now it seems, anywhere between 9 and 10 am until 2.30 to 3pm.

  Stuartli 15:22 04 Mar 08

There have been numerous warnings issued over the years that schoolchildren are at risk from carrying bags that are too heavy.

What does puzzle me is why so many youngsters seem to spurn the wearing of coats or waterproofs - I regularly see them walking to/from school in the rain in school uniform...:-)

  peter99co 15:29 04 Mar 08

Some of these packs they carry have caused injury due to the fact they carry to much and over only one shoulder.

  Pine Man 15:34 04 Mar 08!

  dukeboxhero 15:36 04 Mar 08

Im sure there will come the day when our school kids will only be carrying a laptop or somthing even smaller soon

  picklsey 16:00 04 Mar 08

it,s mostly the work they should be doing at school,because there not there long enough to do the work.teachers round this way managed to get another in staff training day,and guess what it always falls on a monday and tuesday and of course after a long weekend.still i suppose it cuts down on the trouble at school, simple don,t have the kids there.

  DrScott 16:28 04 Mar 08


They're certainly what I took to school, and they were rather weighty then too...

  MAJ 16:34 04 Mar 08

Hell I used to have stacks of books to take home from school for my homework (way before computers) and had to carry them back again next morning.

As for clothing, we had to wear a uniform, the only time we wore a coat was if we needed extra pockets for our marbles and conkers............... or somewhere to hide our fags. ;)

  rossgolf 17:15 04 Mar 08

books, books and more books....and pe kits

  Curio 17:19 04 Mar 08

Do not have a specific classroom. They are moved all over the school for various lessons. To leave kit in one classroom is old hat. Carry it all with you wherever you go, or risk 'losing' it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 04 Mar 08

What do they have in them?

Cards for swapping
snacks for break times
and the ocasional knife and pack of drugs.

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