sat night television

was watching what the wife was watching and all thats on is doom and gloom or silly reality shows..whats happened to propper entertainment! in its a knockout..aint half hot all hours etc..that was good proper sat entertainment.. you went to sleep with good thoughts .. but todays telly you will go to bed with nightmares lol bring it back bbc and itv say i kind regards akanic

  Totally-braindead 21:57 10 Nov 07

You definatly have a point. Its one of the reasons I don't like soaps, its all doom and gloom, people getting raped or murdered and doing nasty things to other people.
Bring back the happy programs I say. Not sure about Its A Knockout though, that might be going a bit far.

Totally-braindead ok but the royal edition was good :P

  g0nvs 22:10 10 Nov 07

Know what you mean, got rid of my telly two years ago for the same reason, not missed it at all.

i dont realy watch television now.. only the news when i want to catch up on it .. all my entertainment comes from the i can choose what i want to see.. and thats how tv should be now.. a browserable(if there is such a word) media where YOU choose the content.. kind regards akanic

  Coffee Adict 04:50 11 Nov 07

Yes I'm the same, maybe four progs a week I make an effort to watch, no big deal if I miss them, usually 'cos I'm on the net, what annoys me is not having the choice regards paying for the licence, time it was changed me thinks. Pay per view would suit me fine.

  Forum Editor 09:11 11 Nov 07

you didn't watch Kylie last night? What more could you possibly want?

  DrScott 09:55 11 Nov 07

Saturday night television - it really is the epitome of mental chewing gum.

A good film would be infinitely preferable to the trash that is on currently.


  crosstrainer 09:58 11 Nov 07

Telly stays off!

  Coffee Adict 10:06 11 Nov 07

"mental chewing gum"

I like that description, must remember that.
As for Kylie, what about some eye-candy for the other 50% of thr population of the opposite gender.

  Stuartli 11:32 11 Nov 07

Funnily enough, apart from football on during the week along with BBC News 24 or Sky News, Saturday night is the one night I DO watch TV..:-)

Must confess that I find Strictly Come Dancing (and X-Factor) very entertaining and that's from someone who has always had two left feet whilst on a dance floor.

Sad I know, but....

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