Santander to bring India call centres back to UK Yaaay

  Autoschediastic 08 Jul 11

Good news all round if you bank with them or for the economy with 500 jobs up for grabs, well done to them, i wish Virgin media would follow suit!

  Quickbeam 08 Jul 11

I has reason to call the Virgin helpline a short while back, after 10 minutes I gave up and solved the problem myself a couple of days later.

Speaking English as a non-natural language isn't the same as speaking it naturally. I just couldn't communicate effectively to solve the problem over the phone.

  Quickbeam 08 Jul 11


  zzzz999 08 Jul 11

BT has been doing this rather quietly for the past 18 months. They are shipping several thousand jobs out of India, some are heading for the Phillipines, but many are headed back to the UK.

The 70% savings imagined are proving highly elusive and in reality the cost savings are at best 20% - 30% and this has to be weighed against customer disatisfaction and poorer onsales.

  spuds 08 Jul 11

It looks like people power is winning, and some of these commercial companies have possibly do a major rethink in their business methods, and profit margins.

Within a three radius of where I live, there are at least 5/6 call centres, some running a 24/7 work pattern. Looking at shift changes, all the call centres would appear to employ many young people of the Asian or black communities, very few white faces about. But then again, its the same with the local Tesco superstore and Tesco Extra, plus some other local business's using seasonal workers on a large scale.

  sunnystaines 09 Jul 11

if only more compaines would do so especially talktalk their indian call centre is dreadful.

belkin have an asian call centre and its first class i do not think its india though.

  zzzz999 10 Jul 11

TalkTalk also use a rather dreadful South African call centre

  badhair1963 11 Jul 11

I just wish they'd let me use their website. Being one of the three people in the country who doesn't have a mobile phone, I'm locked out of it. Now I have to trudge half a mile down the street just to check my balance.


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