Sainsbury's On- line shopping; lost Order somewher

  p;3 12:04 03 Mar 11

On Sainsbury's on- line shopping there is a section for My Trolley (which apparently is 'empty') but I have an Order in my Trolley for delivery; do you know how I 'find' where the Order is in my Trolley as I know my Trolley is not empty

Any clues?

  spuds 12:13 03 Mar 11

Do you mean a previous order, or one that was ready for submitting?.

If it was for a previous order, then you would most likely find it in 'your account' history. If its a new order, then did you try clicking on the trolley or order tab?.

Failing that, use the 'contact us' or Help page.

  peter99co 12:13 03 Mar 11

At the bottom of the page it has a 'Contact Us Tab'

Try asking them?

  lotvic 12:23 03 Mar 11

Surely it won't be in your Trolley if you have gone to 'Checkout' and paid for it?
Won't it be under orders awaiting delivery or whatever Sainsbury's call that.

  peter99co 14:34 03 Mar 11

Have you had an email comfirmation of an order?

  ventanas 15:43 03 Mar 11

I had this once. The order details go blank but delivery etc is still there.
It's something to do with the Save trolley button which needs to be used often apparantly.
There is a way to get it all back, but I can't remember how. I just rang the contact number and got talked through it.

  Quickbeam 16:00 03 Mar 11

Have you checked the canal?

  lotvic 21:10 03 Mar 11

litterlout ;)

  BT 08:44 04 Mar 11

..on the Tesco online shopping you checkout after making up your order and you have up to a certain time before delivery when you can make alterations.

When you sign on to the site you always have an empty Basket and have to click on 'My Orders' to bring up a saved basket, which you can then add or remove items, then checkout again.

I would imagine there's a similar system on Sainsburys site.

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