That's More Like It!

  morddwyd 26 Jul 12

That's better than that rubbish from London.

Two hours of live shinty on BBC Alba on Saturday!

  Quickbeam 26 Jul 12

But what do the regular Peppa Pig viewers think of it?

  Condom 26 Jul 12

That brings back memories of a trip to Kingussie. Shinty reminded me so much of Irish Hurling except that in Shinty they had the net handy to catch the opponents head in;-)

No prisoners taken and no quarter asked for.

  Woolwell 26 Jul 12

I have read about and seen pictures of wheelchair rugby and I think that it puts shinty and hurling in the shade.

  Clapton is God 26 Jul 12


I haven't a clue what you're talking about.

Kindly translate "shinty" (or should that be shi**y?)and "BBC Alba" into English.

  Condom 26 Jul 12

Clapton Is God

Moreewyd's post was in perfect English. Shinty is a game that has been played for hundreds of years but is now mostly played in the north of Scotland (Alba). It was at one time I understand quite popular in England but was overtaken somewhat down south by normal field hockey. There are also connections between it and Ice hockey, lacrosse and of course hurling in Ireland.

It is not a sport for the faint hearted.

  Woolwell 26 Jul 12

Perfect English? Perhaps Gaelic (?) as the Alba bit baffled me at first. I was even thinking of Alba the brand for radios.

  Condom 26 Jul 12


You are of course perfectly correct in saying that Alba was originally a Gaelic word for Scotland or a part of it. It is in such common usage these days that I assumed wrongly that others would know what it meant. Please forgive me.

  carver 26 Jul 12

Just found out what shinty is, it's hockey for wimps.


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