Russian Invasion Maps of Manchester

  Jak_1 20:01 24 Feb 07

Seems the Cold War Soviets had very detailed plans on capturing Manchester and other major cities around the world! All that time Manchester was promoting itself as a 'Nuclear Free City' (still does), Good job the west had nuclear weopans to counter balance the Soviet arsenal!

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  Zero G 20:09 24 Feb 07

This was in yesterdays times, a good post though.
Always wondered how the London Borough of Brent was nuclear free?
Hope the Russians knew!

  anskyber 20:18 24 Feb 07

Some people might say they are welcome to Manchester.

  Jak_1 20:26 24 Feb 07


'Some people might say they are welcome to Manchester.'

It's a darn sight nore friendlier than London, give or take a few shootings etc, lol

  anskyber 20:27 24 Feb 07

London? I live in Cumbria.

  SANTOS7 20:34 24 Feb 07

"give or take a few shootings etc, lol"

Jak_1 What are you on!!!! DULL...

  Jak_1 20:37 24 Feb 07

Manchester is a friendly City, however like any other major city it does have its seedier side.

  SANTOS7 20:43 24 Feb 07

We all know the vaguaries of living in big cities, but to take such issues so lightly doesn't quite add up in my book...

  Jak_1 20:51 24 Feb 07

You have to otherwise you'd worry about it all the time.

  SANTOS7 20:54 24 Feb 07

Can't speak...end of thread for me...

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