Royals shopping at ASDA?

  wiz-king 12:48 30 Mar 14

Conspiracy theory - George starts product placement young?

  Aitchbee 12:57 30 Mar 14

LOL, wiz-king. A nice little earner!

  bumpkin 17:08 30 Mar 14

Royals shopping at ASDA? beyond my tiny brain to understand your point.

  Aitchbee 17:14 30 Mar 14

bumpkin ... think about the aforementioned bigname store and their flagship childrens' clothing department then look at the tiny tot's top.

  bumpkin 17:41 30 Mar 14

Thanks Aitchbee, I see it now but was unable to read the childs logo not having an electron microscope handy.

  fourm member 17:42 30 Mar 14

I had my back turned this morning when the TV news said he had been wearing a garment with his name on and my first thought was that they were taking the notion of being more ordinary a bit too far.

I've heard celebs say that after mentioning a brand they've had a parcel delivered so I wonder if ASDA have sent a truck round.

  bumpkin 18:25 30 Mar 14

So it has his name on it, what has that to do with ASDA.

  fourm member 19:43 30 Mar 14

It seems we are in the presence of someone so wealthy they have never purchased any clothing from the George at ASDA range.

  bumpkin 20:06 30 Mar 14

Why would anybody buy clothing in a supermarket, let alone ASDA.

  bumpkin 20:11 30 Mar 14

If I want cornflakes I don't go to a tailors.

  Woolwell 20:16 30 Mar 14

You don't have to be wealthy not have purchased any clothing from Asda. Tesco yes but that is because it is nearby. I had no idea about George at Asda. Who is George at Asda?

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