Royal Car Attacked

  jakimo 20:40 09 Dec 10

Charles & Camilla's car window has been smashed,and a tin of paint thrown over it while on the way to the 'Royal Command Performance',know one was hurt

  Strawballs 21:32 09 Dec 10
  spuds 23:13 09 Dec 10

I wonder how many protesters were actually students, and not like the last protest when some of those involved were not students at all.

I doubt if this incident made any difference to Prince Charles, and it definitely wouldn't have bothered Princess Anne, or their children.

  Uboat 23:58 09 Dec 10

I couldn't help but ask, But The car windows would of been bullet proof surely so what on earth would they of used to smash it.?

  wee eddie 02:17 10 Dec 10

They do their cause no good at all.

HRH and his Partner have no say in the Government of this Country and that particular display of ignorance just makes you wonder why they are at Uni at all.

  tullie 04:25 10 Dec 10

I believe a window was cracked,not smashed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:58 10 Dec 10

'They do their cause no good at all.'...the picture of Camilla looking a tad worried was on the cover of every newspaper and has lead every news know very little about advertising. It might make some of the old guard go go 'hrummmmph!' but not everyone.
One has to ask why, we are constantly told that the RPS is superbly trained, what in heavens' name they were doing driving Chas through a well-publicised riot in a car without they think everyone loves him? seem to be a bit out of touch if you ask me.


  birdface 09:44 10 Dec 10

Was it not the prime Minister himself that stopped police protection for MP's.
Maybe this was also directed at the Royal Family as well.
Not sure if it was a cost cutting stance or whether he actually believed that it was no longer needed.
I am sure the police already had their hands full trying to restore order elsewhere so they were not able to give the car the protection that was needed.
I think the person or persons that gave the order that it was safe for them to procede by car without the protection that was needed should be looking for another job this morning.

  Seth Haniel 10:14 10 Dec 10

be fined £9000 and the money put into the Education Department coffers :)

  Quickbeam 10:44 10 Dec 10

I'll bet that they didn't know that the serfs had minds of their own nowadays.

  Woolwell 11:23 10 Dec 10

Interesting comment in the Telegraph today about choice of car click here by someone who should know what he is talking about.

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