laurie53 20:52 17 Aug 07

I've just come past the start of a new estate and as usual the first thing they've got in place are roundabouts.

What is it with British road engineers and roundabouts? I've come across the odd one or two on the mainland, but generally most of Europe, and the few other parts of the world I'm familiar with, are roundabout free (and traffic seems to move more freely, but that's a whole new thread!).

So why our love affair with these land hungry lay outs, instead of simple traffic lights like the rest of the world?

  knockin on 20:58 17 Aug 07

that you wouldn't have to stop at the junction if the road to your right was clear. (Unless you are behind some dozy who always stops anyway.)
Where I live the latest fashion is to put sets of traffic lights ON the roundabouts. Have you ever tried to cross from the inner to outer lane of a 3 lane roundabout between 2 sets of lights only 15 metres apart? Doh.

  spuds 21:00 17 Aug 07

Mini roundabout are a very good safety commodity, or at least they are in our district.

Traffic lights can be very expensive to install and maintain. Ever been held-up on a red light in the early hours of the morning, when theres no other vehicles about ;o)

  Earthsea 21:11 17 Aug 07

They were popular 4 years ago click here

  tammer 21:21 17 Aug 07

They like knocking them away in Edinburgh and replacing them with traffic lights. You miss them when they're gone.

  octal 21:30 17 Aug 07

They are even getting them in America now, it's quite comical, the Americans don't quite know how they work yet because they are still fairly rare.

I still like the American system on a four way, however reaches the junction first has priority, unless you've got a bigger car than the other guy :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:54 17 Aug 07

After an eighteen week road closure and modifcation to improve traffic flow, my local "island" (with 4 roads) now has 37 traffic lights around and on it.

Have to stop at 3 sets of lights to turn right.

  spuds 23:09 17 Aug 07

Fruit Bat /\0/
I hope your council is environmentally friendly, and use the low energy bulbs.

Stop,start, traffic build-up, engines running and exhaust emissions!.

  Brumas 23:14 17 Aug 07

I still have nightmares about the one and only time I encountered the infamous 'magic roundabout' in Swindon!

  WhiteTruckMan 23:21 17 Aug 07

...or a bigger gun!


  Spark6 23:32 17 Aug 07

We used to have, until three years ago, a High Street with a staggered junction. We now have an updated road system, paid for by housing developers, which has five sets of lights plus one filter, the end product of which is that three sets of traffic are stationary even at non-peak times.

Demonstrations and written protests have lead to a rethink by the County Council. A roundabout, or two, is 'being considered'. I hate to think how many sets of lights would then be required!

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