Rising eagle, game now FREE!!

  wolfie3000 22:48 30 Apr 08

Its a futuristic FPS game and looks awesome.

click here

Bit of a big download but well worth it.

Gameplay video

click here

  johndrew 15:33 01 May 08

Perhaps PCA could put it on the DVD one month??

  RickyC :-) 16:36 01 May 08

We'll have the game on our August issue DVD. The July DVD went to press last Friday so we unfortunately missed the deadline...

Wolfie3000 - thanks for the heads-up :-)


  wolfie3000 16:39 01 May 08

No problem CD Editor,

Its a fantastic game and Well worth getting.

  wolfie3000 16:55 01 May 08

For those who cant wait for julys magazine to come out heres a good way of getting the game client without worrying about the download cutting out half way through.

First register with fileplanet.

click here

Then download fileplanets download manager.

click here

Now grab the game here, if your not a subscriber you may have to wait for a bit for the queues.

click here-(Free-Game)

The download manager can be paused, stopped and even turned off and your download will still be where you left off.

Happy fragging. :)

  Si_L 17:12 01 May 08

What sort of game is it similar to? I've never come across it.

  wolfie3000 17:15 01 May 08

Its a fully blown FPS frag fest, similar to Battlefield 2142.

Well worth downloading.

The weapons in the game are just awe inspiring.

  johndrew 14:08 13 Jun 08

`Fingers crossed ..`

Searched the August issue DVD but it looks as if more than crossed fingers were needed.

Ah well, I`m sure you tried. Perhaps next month or is it not possible at all?

  Marko797 14:10 13 Jun 08

one for the Games Room Wolfie?

  wolfie3000 14:11 13 Jun 08

Maybe now we have a games section in the forum this can be moved over to there?

  Forum Editor 14:13 13 Jun 08

This thread was posted long before the Games forum was launched.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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