greyballs 12 Sep 11

sorry dont know how to do the CLICK HERE bit to the link but ime sure you will know the story by now. perhaps someone could explain the click here bit to me ?

  Crosstrainer2 12 Sep 11

To be honest, I can't stand the stuff....:))

  wiz-king 12 Sep 11
  lotvic 12 Sep 11

Choices for the links These are the methods I use

  1. Paste the URL directly in This doesn't always work especially if there are 2 underscores in (it changes the bit inbetween them to italics instead)

  2. Type the words: Click Here and then highlight them and then click on the globe and paste the URL in the box that pops up which will change the words Click Here to the link. Or you can highlight any of the words in your post HP Sauce for instance.

  3. Change your link to a tiny one and paste that in, in either of the above methods

It is important to have the http:// once at the front or it won't become a link

  lotvic 12 Sep 11

In the box that pops up there is also an extra you can do. If at the end of your url that you have pasted in you put "HP Sauce" that means type the "s as well as the words, when you then hover your cursor over the link in a post you will get a popup optional title Your URL needs to end with a / and then you do a space and then type in "HP Sauce"

You can test all the above without having to actually Post by checking in the preview box that your links work and your popup optional title displays when you hover cursor over the link

You can also manually edit the text you want as the optional title if you scroll down to bottom of the compose box where it is displaying the link 1 in square brackets

  interzone55 12 Sep 11

I stopped buying HP when they moved production to the Netherlands, I now use Asda's own, or if I'm feeling flush I buy Stokes Brown Sauce from Booths

  greyballs 12 Sep 11

thanks for that lotvic,will have to scan the net now for a story to paste

  greyballs 12 Sep 11

To be honest, I can't stand the stuff....:))

so what do you do with your bacon buttie crosstrainer, please dont say red sauce.

  greyballs 12 Sep 11

thats the spirit alan perhaps if we all had done that it just might have made a difference. as for stokes brown sauce ,never heard of it but there is a booths quite near to us 20mile so might just nip down and grab a bottle.

  DM. 12 Sep 11

Shouldn't the reporter in wiz-king link this one

be back at school. I thought school holidays were over?

We are currently experimenting with Branston brown sauce at the moment. I think a few more bacon sandwich tasting tests before I make a decision.

  greyballs 12 Sep 11

do you mean Josie Ensor dm dont know about skoolit says in the report that she is over 116 years old.


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