Ridiculous. Sentenced for not predicting earthquake.

  Blackhat 18:18 22 Oct 12

Six Italian scientists found guilty of multiple manslaughter for not giving accurate enough information about an earthquake yet to happen.

Maybe they should prosecute all the mediums and fortune tellers for not speaking up about it also!

Quake scientists convicted

  Quickbeam 18:26 22 Oct 12

We should have no problem with the successful prosecution of the merchant bankers now.

  lotvic 19:32 22 Oct 12

Michael Fish might be worried (1987 Hurricane Storm caused record damage and killed 18 people)

  wiz-king 19:48 22 Oct 12

Not quiet true. They were asked if the earth tremors meant that an earthquake was coming and they said no. It was.

  Aitchbee 20:02 22 Oct 12

Everyone who lives in 'hot spots' or high-risk-areas prone to earthquakes / floods / droughts / tidal waves / volcanic eruptions / famine / pestilence / wars / genocide ... should seriously consider moving to safer spots. (it's no joke if you have to live with the constant threat of unstoppable forces :o[)

  morddwyd 20:02 22 Oct 12

Don't see how it is ridiculous.

That is the law in Italy.

They probably think our laws on abortion are just as ridiculous.

  Blackhat 20:14 22 Oct 12


Michael Fish has nothing to worry about as UK law is not so ridiculous.


It is the Italian law that I find ridiculous in that it allows this sort of prossecution to take place.

It seems almost medieval, witch hunts come to mind.

  cream. 20:42 22 Oct 12


(it's no joke if you have to live with the constant threat of unstoppable forces :o[)

How do you cope with Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers, then?

They tell me Motherwell is quite nice and quiet.

  kad60 21:02 22 Oct 12

a falsely reassuring statement

i believe that now a precedent has been set that multiple prosecutions shall ensue and all those who profess such sentiments shall be equally guilty.

  Aitchbee 21:34 22 Oct 12

How do you cope with Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers, then?

The threat of that 'little earthquake' has 'fizzled out' ... for a while, Cream.

Re Motherwell:- Motherwell (North Lanarkshire) 'The Mother's well' This former steel-making town in the Clyde Valley takes its name from an ancient well dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the site of which is today marked by a plaque in Ladywell Road.

... How are things in Glockamorra?

  Aitchbee 22:50 22 Oct 12

fm - when you say 'presumably...' and 'I'm only guessing...' in your last post, you are hedging your bets. Why not start by saying I THINK THAT...?

Spit it out.

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