Revenge of the babies

  Blackhat 22:44 03 Oct 07

Continuation of a previous thread.
WARNING links in this thread will contain images of spiders.

I originally posted regarding the size of my new friend who was quickly evicted. The first response to my thread was ‘Wait till it has its babies then blackhat’ from skidzy. Thanks for the warning skidzy.

original thread
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I now have a new family. I don’t wish them any harm and I know they are good for the house but I now only feel comfortable working with the light on as they appear from under my computer table at night. I also see them in my lounge having running competitions across my carpet when I am watching TV. Anybody know how many little un’s I might expect?

They have plenty of space to play under my floor and I wish to keep then there. In another thread I read that conkers will keep them at bay, any other suggestions?

Just to add, they are free to any good home if you can collect.


(essence of chestnut from betaware btw)

  Forum Editor 23:10 03 Oct 07

will mean that the many will become few. Not all the babies will survive - there are only so many meals for spiders in the average house, and the whole reason that spiders have so many offspring is that evolution has told them "have lots of babies, then you don't need to worry if a few die".

Species (like us) that produce relatively few young during our reproductive lives have to invest heavily in each child - lose one and your loss is huge. If a spider loses one or twenty it doesn't matter, there are another fifty or more to carry on. In fact only a couple may make it to maturity.

Wait a while - they'll disappear of their own accord.

  Blackhat 23:22 03 Oct 07

Yes I understand the 'nature of nature' but while I wait I am having to peel the wife off the ceiling now and then. A little deterent is what I want, just to keep them below floor for a while.

adman 2, I will investigate essence of chestnut, I don't know if I will get on with it myself?

i use it because it's harmless, i tried one of those 'dont reenter the house for 8 hours bug bomb canisters' once and i think it killed everything in a 4 mile radius :O
it smells when you put it down but seems to vanish after an hour or so and havnt seen a spider for 2 years now, i use it whenever i vacuum (about twice a year)

  Forum Editor 23:43 03 Oct 07

Ah.. wife on ceiling, I understand. It will have to be the chestnut cure then.

  Blackhat 23:56 03 Oct 07

Is there a conection between essence of chestnut and vacuuming? If this remedy requires you to vacuum only twice a year the wife would be very iterested?

well when you vacuum it removes it i suppose, it was a half hearted attempt at humour, but it's getting late! i actually vacuum every 15th day as i work shifts.

  Blackhat 00:08 04 Oct 07

Humour accepted, this thread is light hearted anyway, when FE's last comment came through I laughed out loud, late it may be but a litle humour does a great deal at the end of the day, thanks for your input.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:10 04 Oct 07

will go after anything that moves.

But if you have the patience, round them all up for christmas, that way every single member of the forum can have a leg each!


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