The return of the Unmentionable

  Grey Goo 14 Apr 11

No comment requiredlink text

  lotvic 14 Apr 11

and I thought you meant Click Here and no comment allowed

  Quickbeam 14 Apr 11

That's funny I've just bought some Co-op mince at half price to make some Bolognaise sauce. I've got plenty of TTs in stock though, but not the fabled bargain basement ones of yore...

But I thought the unmentionable waslink text

  spuds 14 Apr 11

Perhaps another case of who you know ;o)

  Quickbeam 14 Apr 11

And the new basil plant has thrived in the week since I bought it, so it'll be fresh herbs with it tonight.

  Strawballs 14 Apr 11

If your job was in high finance then I'm sure you would be able to name him.

  Grey Goo 14 Apr 11

The present MD's name appears in the article, so knock yourself out.

  spider9 14 Apr 11

Grey Goo "..could you name the current MD before reading the linked story?"

  spider9 14 Apr 11

That post happened before I did 'post' - not sure why.

I was following that by asking what the point about 'knocking yourself out' actually was?

fourm member had clearly said before when refering to the link, and strawballs was correctly making his point about if you are in the business you would know, anyway - so why the statement about the MD's name being in the link?

  Monoux 14 Apr 11

Strawballs - spot on

  morddwyd 14 Apr 11

Must admit I'm with lotvic and Quickbeam on this one!

Didn't know GB was "unmentionable".

Might earn you a headmaster's reprimand, yes, but the real unmentionable is an instant red padlock!


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