Retro Games...enough to shake a stick at!

  Autoschediastic 03 Dec 11

Fantastic as sad as it may seem i watched all this, some decent knowledge in it too as to why we call various words in computing what we do...i really loved the video and he flashback of all the games...haven't we come far?

1984 Video here

  Armchair 03 Dec 11

1984........ My favourite year for gaming. All of the best (imo) arcade games had been released by then. I bought my first proper games machine (Spectrum). All my mates owned various 8-bit computers. Good times.

One of the games featured on that clip is my all time favourite. 'Galaxian'. Not the abysmal home computer version shown there (which I actually bought back int he day, unfortunately), though, but the arcade game proper.

  robgf 03 Dec 11


There is a very good freeware Galaxians version called Retro Galaxy. It's not exactly the same as the original, but it plays very well, not something that can be said of most Galaxaian clones. The creators website no longer hosts it, but you can find it here:

Retro Galaxy

  rdave13 03 Dec 11

They were state of the art then but absolute rubbish. Some things are better left alone to the annals of history.

  robgf 04 Dec 11

rdave13 "They were state of the art then but absolute rubbish. Some things are better left alone to the annals of history."

Isn't that true of most things though. I always laugh when our local motoring fan extols the virtues of British motorbikes and how they were the best in the world, better than Jap cr*p. I point out, that at the time, we couldn't wait to swap our slow unreliable Brit bikes, for fast reliable Jap bikes.

But that doesn't stop me looking with longing at the classic bikes in a local shop, rose tinted glasses and all that.

  Armchair 04 Dec 11


Cheers, but I'll stick with the original.


I agree that most old games are best left in the past. Some are well worth playing, though. There are a handful of arcade games, and a few old computer games that imo are still as fresh and exciting to play as they were back in the day (mostly 'limited lives' 2D shooters, in my case).


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