Restored a little bit of faith......

  Dizzy Bob 20:09 21 Jan 07

Yesterday at work (big shop, busy saturday) a gentleman aged about 18 and looking a bit 'chavvy' (for want of a better word) approached me (Manager)and said....

"I found this on the floor, can i give it to you in case someone comes back for it"

And then handed me two £50 notes.

Just a little bit of faith restored.


  lisa02 20:26 21 Jan 07

Lovely, what happens if they do not come back?

  Dizzy Bob 20:36 21 Jan 07

Took finders name and contact details, will wait a reaonable time and then he can have it.


  lisa02 20:40 21 Jan 07

I'm amazed that it was handed in.

  microcoder 20:42 21 Jan 07

Without causing any loss of faith Dizzy Bob,there is a chance that he was a Secret Shopper hired by the management.

At present many retail outlets,pubs and restaurants are using the services of Secret Shopper Agencies.

  Dizzy Bob 20:49 21 Jan 07

We use Gapbuster (click here) as our mystery shoppers, (and i already have the result from this week!!)

I am pretty sure not as he had just picked up his PC from a repair.


  freaky 20:55 21 Jan 07

He was probably an honest person....and believe it or not there are a lot of them about.

  microcoder 20:55 21 Jan 07

Ok Dizzy Bob.

Then,you don't think that he was a student based at RADA doing a bit of method Dustin?

  Bob The Nob© 21:25 21 Jan 07

As a teenager myself, i feel very upset when people struggle on with something because they dont want help from someone my age all because there are a select few teenagers that the media show as the general teenager (if that makes sense)

Everybody and anybody can be a kind and helpful person, dont judge a book by its cover!

  Bingalau 21:52 21 Jan 07

I'm a grumpy old Git. But I know a few teenagers who would put some of us in the shade with their honesty. Every person on this earth is different "Thank God" I happen to think most of us are honest and that includes teenagers. I hope he ends up with the cash. He will also have a clear conscience. ..Bingalau..

  Bingalau 21:55 21 Jan 07

I meant to add "at times"" after the grumpy old git bit. My teenage grand children think I am Mr. Wonderful, but I know I can be grumpy. It comes with experience. ..Bingalau..

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