Removing CD's From a Sony Car 10 CD Player

  Bing.alau 28 Aug 12

I have a Sony 10 CD player from a previous vehicle. I had it removed when the vehicle went to scrap. The CD's are still in it and I would like them out. But I have no way of opening it to remove them. (no cables or wires).

Is there any body out there with the knowledge of how to remove them please? Probably something simple but I don't want to damage them. Nor do I want to damage the actual CD player as I may be able to use it in the future.

  woodchip 28 Aug 12

Model and make of player would help

  woodchip 28 Aug 12

sorry model number on back or bottom of player

  Forum Editor 28 Aug 12

There is usually a pinhole somewhere on the player that enables you to open it by inserting a paperclip and pushing gently - have you checked?

  Bing.alau 28 Aug 12

Sorry folks, but I had it in the car about an hour ago and I saw a car electrical place as I shot past. So I did a U'ey and went there. I have left it with them as I was going elsewhere in my usual hurry. They are going to phone me back.

FE. I should have thought about looking to see if there was a pin hole thingy, but as usual forgot. It's age related I believe!

Can I patent that new word?

  exdragon 28 Aug 12

Bing.alau - at least your CDs were stuck in the player which was out of the car. How would you fancy a month in France, with a compilation CD well and truly stuck, from about day five until the day before we were heading home? I shudder now every time I hear Mark Knopfler's 'Sailing to Philadelphia'. Despite checking on the off chance that it would eject about twenty times an hour, it suddenly appeared one afternoon.

We're making sure we take MP3 thingies this holiday!

  Bing.alau 28 Aug 12

I hope to get this player up and running in my new jalopy in the future, but at the moment VW say they can't do it. They suggest I get an iPod and use that instead with a cable to my radio. (I think).

On the CD's, I have got probably a couple of hundred tunes, which I picked out myself and put on. They play at random normally and of course I liked trying to guess which one would play next. Never ever got it right. If I can get them out I can play them one at a time in my car system. As they are my favourite tunes that is what I am trying to do for now.

  morddwyd 28 Aug 12

I got fed up of CD changers and put my CDs onto a USB drive which my radio accepts.

I can get upwards of two dozen CDs on so can go quite a while without repeats, and it's easy to put a new selection in!

  Woolwell 28 Aug 12

I do the same as morddwyd. I have enough on the drive to last through many, many traffic jams.

  Aitchbee 28 Aug 12

I used to get old audio cassette tapes stuck in my tape-player but I was always able to retrieve them and use urgo-strips (little elastoplasts) to stick them together and again, I got avant-garde 'backwards' music as a result....I've still not got round to digitizing 'em.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 29 Aug 12

My car CD player will play MP3s from a CD approx 175 per CD

However I tend now to put audio books in mp3 format onto CDs for long car journeys. Just finished listening to my whole Terry Pratchett collection.

My next problem is converting an mp4a version of A song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) to play in the car.


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