Removed thread found in Search

  natdoor 11:32 15 Mar 09

I was unable to locate a thread which I wished to catch up with but could not find it. I did a Search and it was listed. However, when I clicked on the item I got a "Page Not Found" notice. I cannot understand why the thread was removed as it did not cover a contentious topic. However, one would expect that, once it was removed, it would also automatically be removed from the database of threads available to be searched.

Is this a glitch or a systemic failure,I wonder?

  newman35 11:46 15 Mar 09

I thought there was a glitch of some kind the other day, when a post I made came up before a post that had already been there, (if you can follow that, apply for your Masters degree!) - convinced myself I was wrong, but....?

  ened 12:20 15 Mar 09

The other day somebody said something extremely rude on a post. I passed a comment and so did several others.

Then it disappeared from My Postings and when I found it the rude post and all references to it had been removed.

Could this be a similar case?

  natdoor 19:49 15 Mar 09

It doesn't appear to be quite the same. You were able to find the thread again with specific posts removed. I think this happens from time to time because there are sometimes threads with posts referring to the content of a post, perhaps indirectly, which is no longer present. I assume that the decision not to remove the post is based on a judgement that other comments in the retained posts do not relate to the cause of the removal and are worthwhile contributionsto the topic.

In the csae to which I refer, the whole thread has been removed but its title is listed in a search covering the topic. I am puzzled at, but not particularly concerned by, the reason for removal because the thread was on a non-controversial matter.

  laurie53 19:51 15 Mar 09

One person's non-controversy is sometimes another person's grounds for litigation!

  Forum Editor 22:53 15 Mar 09


  natdoor 09:06 16 Mar 09

The removal of the thread was not the point of my post. I accept that it is possible for unacceptable material to be inserted into a thread about an engineering matter.

I would expect that such a removal would automatically remove the topic from the Search database. If that is the process, it failed to function on this occasion. If it is done manually, then it was overlooked. Or perhaps it is not a concern that there is no synchronisation. I was merely pointing out what appeared to me to be an anomaly.

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