Remove free subscription email on PC advisor

  mini mouse11 17 Aug 11


Question 1: Has anybody on PC Advisor had their account closed?

Question 2: Does anybody know how to cancel their PC advisor subscription account?


Im determined to cancel my subscription account here on PC advisor.

But i need help!!

  cycoze 17 Aug 11

You mention email in your other thread (best keep it to one thread as it gets confusing)...

If you want to stop emails go to your "My Profile" at the top of the screen on the right hand side, you can uncheck the boxes there to stop news letters and daily emails, remember to click on the update my account button, you could even change the email address for another to stop them coming to you.

  lotvic 17 Aug 11

If you mean you want to end/cancel your Forum membership altogether,

Click on 'Contact Forum Editor' at the top of the Thread, which will open your default email program with an email ready for you to type your request to the Forum editor.

Or just send an ordinary email to the Forum Editor's email address: [email protected]

  mini mouse11 18 Aug 11

Cycoze im dont recieve any newsletters from PC Advisor i just want to delete or cancel my forum membership thats all i want.

ive been trying for last part 3 months to do it.

even phoned up the company to close my account.

just want to end my membership thats all.

  mini mouse11 18 Aug 11


how do you know contacting thread editor will cancel my membership all together?

  lotvic 18 Aug 11

He has a silver mouse.

Seriously, the FE is in charge of the forum so that is who to contact.

  rdave13 18 Aug 11

mini mouse11

Don't think the PCA servers can delete you personally. So as above, go to your profile and change your'e email address to a non existent one that's accepted and you're done. Also change your password to something you'll never remember and apply.

If you are in any danger then please contact the FE, [email protected]

  rdave13 18 Aug 11

Should be, mailto:[email protected], if you have an email client,sorry.

  morddwyd 18 Aug 11

Why not just stop posting, or even logging in?

i am sure there are thousands of members who have forgotten they ever joined the forum.


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