Remote Controls

  amonra 17:19 02 Jan 12

Why Oh Why can't the electronic industry try and standardise the layout of remote controls for all the TVs, DVD players, satellite receivers, etc. etc. Since xmas (new tv)I have really had to concentrate hard when trying to mute something, or switch inputs, the da*n things all look the same. My eyesight doesn't help neither. Anyone else get this trouble ?

  morddwyd 17:26 02 Jan 12


  badgery 17:48 02 Jan 12

No, just let my six year old grandson do it all for me!!!

  v1asco 17:51 02 Jan 12

fed up with my many remotes and treated myself to this one for all xcite touch . even works my fan heater. love it

  BRYNIT 17:55 02 Jan 12

It would make life too easy, even if you buy a TV and DVD/HD player from the same manufacturer you may find that the remotes are different even though you can control both from one remote.

  wiz-king 19:23 02 Jan 12

I know! I have just set up my TV tuner and had to count the buttons on the remote as you can set it up to 22, 42 or 45 button remotes.

  interzone55 22:04 02 Jan 12

Even better - my PS3 remote control for Blu-Ray playback uses Bluetooth, I've yet to find a One-4-All type remote that will combine everything including the PS3

  hssutton 22:38 02 Jan 12

Alan have a look at the Logitec Harmony 650 £45 at Currys. It's the only remote that fully controls my Onkyo home theatre system plus my Panasonic TV,Panasonic Freesat DVD and the Pace Sky satelite receiver.

If by any chance there's a certain function not present, you can teach it from your original remote. To program the Harmony it's necessary to connect to the Logitec web site. Once programmed all the codes are stored on the Logitec database, so if needed you can always access them.

  interzone55 07:48 03 Jan 12


The PS3 uses Bluetooth for communication rather than infra-red, so the only remote you can use is the PS3 model, which is only £15, so it doesn't break the bank, but it's a pain that you can't use the same control for your TV & PS3

  Quickbeam 09:01 03 Jan 12

I've been using a Philips programmable remote for some years now to work just about everything TV & hifi related. I'd like a phone app that could do all that, that should be feasible in this day and age.

Then when I'm in the dentist's waiting room I could surreptitiously keep switching the channel over from Jeremy kyle to sponge Bob:)

  Blackhat 10:38 03 Jan 12

I can tell you one not to buy.

I thought I had found the answer to all my remote needs in the Casio 1174 fully programmable remote control wrist watch.

wrist watch remote

It does what it says but working it is a bit like a Mensa test. It took days to program and then you forget how to access all the different stored settings and it is so fiddly I think is just a gimmick watch.

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