Remember Pretending to be Barclays ?

  Tonsie 11:30 13 Aug 10

Back on 25th June I told you about a phone call
I received "Pretending To Barclays".This call was
from company called SUN4U,now look whats occurred.
Now what will they pretend to be now?
Regards Tonsie.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:10 13 Aug 10

What are you on about?


  Seth Haniel 12:11 13 Aug 10
  Tonsie 12:17 13 Aug 10

Another travel company bust SUN4U,read the news
GANDALF,thats what I refer to.
Regards Tonsie.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:09 13 Aug 10

What's it got to do with Barclays? Is today 'be obtuse' day?


  Tonsie 13:35 13 Aug 10

GANDALF in June I received a phone call,they claimed to be Barclays,and ask me for personal
details,which I refused.With the help of forum
friends,and Barclays the pretending company was
SUN4U.Do you now see where I am coming from.My
original thread was the 25th June on this Speakers
Corner, and thats why I asked Remember.If someone
rang you for personal details what would you do.
Regards Tonsie.

  octal 13:52 13 Aug 10

It's a pity you didn't post this back in your original thread so it saves searching for it click here for those of us with short memories :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:12 13 Aug 10

It would have been better continue the original thread for the benefit of us who are devoid of ESP.


  Tonsie 14:13 13 Aug 10

Yes your correct octal,I should have,it would have
saved a lot of explaining.ButI am pleased you did.Many thanks octal.
Regards Tonsie.

  lotvic 14:16 13 Aug 10

GANDALF <|:-)> you really must pay attention and remember each and every detail of all the posters. Goodness me anyone would think you had a life outside of this forum........ ;@}

  ronalddonald 21:16 13 Aug 10

good one lotvic

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