Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  Quickbeam 08:36 15 Jul 10

sales blow through the roof click here

  sunnystaines 09:02 15 Jul 10

a hot chilli meal can kill of my cluster headaches better than pain killers, chilli balm [aka tigerbalm] helps well with muscular pain very well too.

big chilli fan but scotch bonnet chillies always defeat me far too hot.

  Quickbeam 09:11 15 Jul 10

I find if you have a hot chilli dish at the first sign of a cold, it can cure it before it takes hold much more effectively that a Beechams powder.

  bri-an 09:19 15 Jul 10

Thought this was about the 'group' until I noticed the double 'l'!!

  Armchair 09:31 15 Jul 10

Tinned Tesco Chilli Con Carne (400g), 25p atm. Just thought I'd mention it..... Bargain, imo.

  morddwyd 09:51 15 Jul 10

Grew my own up until last year, but now given up as they finally proved too much for us.

A great wrench as we loved them!

  J B 09:54 15 Jul 10

The scotch bonnet pepper is not as hot as one might expect if truth be known. If you handle it carefully and remove the seeds before you use it you will get the flavour of it but will get a very much reduced heat sensation when you cook it. That said, people want to be macho and they count the sweat beads they have on their forehead, stupid. Just remember, it is your choice on how much you want to punish your gut. J.B.

  sunnystaines 10:45 15 Jul 10

always eat chilli's raw chop them up and sprinkle on hot meal or place in samwich always use the seeds and centre pith.

great in a peanutbutter & tomato samwich.

  Legolas 13:51 15 Jul 10

Personally I prefer the RedHotChilliPipers ;))click here

  hssutton 10:52 17 Jul 10

Much the same here, chillies with everything.

I have to travel approx 80miles to buy them in bulk, usually 2kilos a time. Chillies are excellent for freezing, so I always have a large stock.

Chilly omellete for breakfast is a great way to start the day

  sunnystaines 11:05 17 Jul 10

had chilli and corriander omlettes in UAE very tasty

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