A real scary moment caught in action.

  spuds 11:39 12 Aug 14

We do not often see these events, but when we do, we perhaps realise how our daily routines might turn nasty and suddenly?click here

  bumpkin 13:27 12 Aug 14

I saw part of that on the TV. It amazes me how fast and strong people become in a situation like that. I bet she would have struggled to do that in non panic circumstances.

  spuds 13:35 12 Aug 14

My thoughts were more on a mothers instinct of trying to save a child!.

  bumpkin 13:45 12 Aug 14

Yes instinct indeed and a great job done with no consideration for herself.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 12 Aug 14

Lucky not to be electrocuted as well as run over.

frightening isn't it how accidents can easily happen those buggies are really lightweight.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 12 Aug 14

Remember this similar one in Australia?

  Forum Editor 19:34 12 Aug 14

"Yes instinct indeed and a great job done with no consideration for herself."

Undoubtedly, but I wonder if the couple were tourists, and the mother didn't realise the track was electrified before she jumped down? Either way, it was a remarkable, instant response to seeing her child in danger.

  HondaMan 13:15 13 Aug 14

More likely they want to refer her to social services for child endangerment

  spuds 13:36 13 Aug 14


Not sure what you meant by that remark, but the incident was accidental due to wind going through the London underground at that moment.

  bumpkin 15:50 13 Aug 14

Clearly it was an accident. I can however understand them not coming forward as the Holier than thou brigade will be the first to pounce with their self righteous allegations of negligence. Followed by the so called Social Services and the police not to mention the Health & Safety morons. No doubt they are shocked and glad they had a lucky escape and will be certain it never happens to them again, the last thing they need is a load of interference from the "Perfect People"

  bumpkin 15:51 13 Aug 14

Forgot to mention the media.

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