Quite a lot of spam in the helproom

  Algerian peter ™ 18 Sep 12


Just popped in and spam

That is if the site will let me post.

  wee eddie 18 Sep 12

Ten Four: I've told FE that, We have a Convoy

  wiz-king 18 Sep 12

Eek - there's s moose in the hoose.(American spiced meat - spam substitute.)

  simonjary 18 Sep 12

Hi, everyone.

This is just how I like to start the day, trying single-handedly to stop a massive attack on the forums!

I'll clean out as many of the forums as I can and ban the spammmers but I'm one man against a giant spamming machine until the Development Team ride in and save me and the forums with the bigger guns.

Tech Helproom is absolutely deluged and it would take me days just to clear that forum out so I'm seeing what we can salvage on the other forums.

We'll have to add back the annoying spam filters while we work out new ways to stop these attacks.

Please bear with us while we fight them.



  Forum Editor 18 Sep 12

I'm unable to help Simon much because I'm in hospital for a couple of days, and only have forum access via my iPad. It works well, except when it comes to using my deletion tool - that is a bit hit and miss. I'm sure the spam filters will stop the streaming media spammers, but they might also stop the occasional good post. Our apologies in advance if that happens to you.

  wee eddie 18 Sep 12

FE: Hope the reason for your Hospitalisation is cleared-up swiftly.

  wiz-king 18 Sep 12

FE Typical! - nothing to do but lazy around and the iPad doesn't work.

  morddwyd 18 Sep 12

We can put up with it, but I feel sorry for all the beginners and others who have genuine problems and are looking for help.

They might not even realise that it is not normal, and go elsewhere, where the advice might not be half as good!

  simonjary 18 Sep 12

OK, first wave of attack is repelled.

We've added the spam filters back in, which may affect some posts. Please let us know if it does.

We hope we can relax the filters after a while and the spammers go elsewhere, but eventually they'll be back - that's for sure.

Thanks for your patience,


  Strawballs 18 Sep 12

Quite a lot of Spam that's a bit of an understatement over 6 full pages of it!

  Forum Editor 18 Sep 12

**wee eddie * Thanks for the good wishes. I dropped a heavy log on my foot and broke some bones. An operation is necessary so here I am. Into theatre in an hour or so if all goes to plan. See you all on the other side.


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