qatar owns britain

  rickf 16 Mar 12
  rdave13 16 Mar 12

No mention of Tesco then. Phew.

  morddwyd 17 Mar 12

Only the bits that Spain doesn't own.

  Forum Editor 17 Mar 12

Does it really matter who owns what?

  interzone55 17 Mar 12

Anything that upsets the Daily Mail and their readership is fine by me...

  userious? 17 Mar 12

Lets hope they dont try and take it home....

  morddwyd 17 Mar 12

"Does it really matter who owns what?"


My wife had shares in Abbey National

Spain owns Abbey National, now Santander.

As a result my wife has Spanish income tax deducted from her dividends.

  Forum Editor 18 Mar 12


"As a result my wife has Spanish income tax deducted from her dividends."

Actually she has a Spanish withholding tax (of 19%) deducted, for which she can claim a credit on her tax return.

She might find this helpful in that respect

  morddwyd 18 Mar 12

Anything you say.

It's too complicated for me.

I was just going by a letter from Santander which said that her dividend was subject to Spanish income tax.

  Forum Editor 18 Mar 12


And I was trying to be helpful by pointing out that your wife can claim a credit.

  Quickbeam 18 Mar 12

Why isn't any kind of tax credit like that done for you by the bank on your behalf as a good customer service.

On the basis of what morddwyd and the FE are saying, I now wouldn't trust them with brass farthing investments, not that I've got many of them spare these days!


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