Putting copy right onto my username

  Jwbjnwolf 18:50 16 Jul 12

Hi, I'm Jwarn, changed my username to the username i use everywhere "Jwbjnwolf"

I use Jwbjnwolf on my site jwbjnwolf.weebly.com

on my tumblr blog: jwbjnwolf.tumblr.com

on my youtube: youtube.com/jwbjnwolf

on twitter: twitter.com/jwbjnwolf

my mobile web app: jwbjnwolf.mobapp.at

on instagram, on everything.

On instagram I have 5 accounts:






Today when I was stared typing "@jwbjnwolfbestpicedits", I found out that someone else has decided to copy my username obviously to take the P*. They done "@jwbjnwolfbestpiceditf6".

Now my username "jwbjnwolf" is 100% unique to me. No one except me my sister and my mum knows what it stands for, and I like to keep it that way lol. No one and I mean no one that I've found anywhere has used my username, and it really has insulted that someone else has decided to use it.

I know that they done it just to take the mick, and they done a pretty good job on getting me well cheesed off. I am quite insulted by it. I want to use that name as my like brand name what ever you call it if I do become popular youtuber/blogger etc.

So I really want to protect the username "jwbjnwolf". What options do I have? for starters, how much would it cost to get that name "jwbjnwolf" copyrighted/trademarked or what ever the word is you use.

Thanks for any help,

And as always, PCA forums is always ever so delightful to ask/get help from.

Jase Wolf


  Pine Man 18:56 16 Jul 12

You really should get out more ;-)

  Jwbjnwolf 19:00 16 Jul 12

... :/

getting out more isn't anything to do with this :/

I do get out a lot, but I don't want my username thats unique to me to be used by loads of people when I have become popular if hopefully I do. :/

Is that all you can think of pine man? :/

  Aitchbee 19:06 16 Jul 12

I don't know the answer Wolf...but Rolf Harris has managed to do that for 80 odd years ;o]

  bremner 19:11 16 Jul 12

A question I would ask is whether your username on this site bolongs to you or IDG, likewise all the other sites you kindly listed.

  Forum Editor 19:24 16 Jul 12

First off, it's a really bad idea to splurge all that information all over a public web forum post, but you've done it now.

"how much would it cost to get that name "jwbjnwolf" copyrighted/trademarked or what ever the word is you use."

There's no copyright on a collection of letters strung together, so you can forget about that.

Your chances of registering it as a trademark is also zero, so forget about that, too. Trademark applications are involved and expensive, and your string of letters doesn't satisfy the requirements. For one thing, in order to register a trademark you must be in the business of supplying goods and/or services, and I doubt that you are doing that.

Someone has started using a similar identity to yours, but there's nothing you can do about it, There are more important things in life,

  Jwbjnwolf 19:30 16 Jul 12

Thanks FE for explaining.

more than what "You really should get out more ;-)" explains.

  KRONOS the First 11:47 17 Jul 12

Even so "You really should get out more" was excellent advice.LOL.

  lotvic 12:21 17 Jul 12

Chronus, maybe Jason will when he's older :)

Jason, How are you these days?

  Jwbjnwolf 20:13 17 Jul 12

Lotvic, I had to put my response on this part of my site lol as Pc advisor was saying it was spam -_- which I guess it did go on for ages lol

  tullie 22:23 17 Jul 12

Words fail me after looking at those links!

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