Put that light out!

  Forum Editor 20:13 21 Jun 07

So, are all you fellow Londoners going to switch your lights out at nine o'clock tonight?

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An ideal opportunity for one of Hyacinth's candle-lit suppers, methinks.

  VoG II 20:17 21 Jun 07

Watch out for a blip in the birth rate in nine months' time!

  IClaudio 20:26 21 Jun 07

Pass the sick bag please (or, as Gandalf would say, pur-leeze).

I am going to switch on my patio heater and my dishwasher and my tumble drier and my washing machine and my mains-operated tree-feller... all at 9 o'clock :)

  brundle 20:26 21 Jun 07

I support any effort to save energy and make people more aware of this kind of thing but wasn't there a post on this forum ages back to the effect that the surge created by switching things back on after such an `event` negates any benefit, and that the design of turbines/power station generators is such that they can't just be shut down for an hour while a few 10's of 000's of people make an energy-saving statement?

  Monoux 20:31 21 Jun 07

VoG™ - possibly an immediate increase in the burglary rate too :o)

  madgamer234 20:43 21 Jun 07

is that the same london which can't get enough polluting aeroplanes into it's air space,can't squeeze enough people into it's very brown and filthy streets and never ever thinks of anything but the quick buck?
good luck with the 10 o'clock surge.

  Bingalau 20:49 21 Jun 07

madgamer234. Good luck with the influx of little Londoners in nine month's time too.

  madgamer234 20:58 21 Jun 07

Bingalau it's frightening to think what the future londoner will represent.

  g0nvs 21:10 21 Jun 07

What a stupid idea. Someone somewhere with nothing better to do must have dreamed this one up. My answer will be to turn all my lights on between 9pm & 10pm.

  STREETWORK 21:11 21 Jun 07

Is it dark yet?...

  madgamer234 21:21 21 Jun 07

it's twenty past nine at the local west london boxing club and the guy on the canvas has just come round after a dose of the smelling salts and said "who put the lights out?" lol lol

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