pssst! want to buy a Singer?

  peter99co 12:01 15 Apr 09

I have one in my loft for a few grand.
click here

  dagnammit 12:25 15 Apr 09

I thought there was a music label up for sale or something when I read the title. doh!

  Jim Thing 12:55 15 Apr 09

I was just about to ask how you managed to get an old car into your loft — and why...

  peter99co 20:30 15 Apr 09

They built these as well as cars as far as I know

  Bingalau 20:39 15 Apr 09

I've just given my wife's 55 year old "Brother" away for nothing. Wonder if there was anything in it?

  Stuartli 23:24 15 Apr 09

My missus used one for years - the kids used to love getting the big foot treadle into action.

One thing about the early Singers in particular was that they were excellent examples of engineering and quality manufacture.

Many are still in regular use, especially in third world countries.

  wolfie3000 23:53 15 Apr 09

We have an old Singer in our loft, even looks identical to the one pictured.

I wouldn't sell it though not for a million, it holds special memories for me, my grandmother used to use it when i was a child and i can remember watching her use it.

Also has a fascinating story with it.
When my grandmother used it back when she lived in her croft in the highlands it used to start sewing on its own late at night,

Also she told us that sometimes you could hear tapping from it like someone knocking on it.

Now that im older i guess the stories were to keep us kids away from it as it was dangerous.

Certainly worked, we were terrified of the sewing machine ghost.

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