Psssst...... Got any old CDs?

  Forum Editor 19:02 07 Nov 05

If you have a spare moment, Click on Blogs and take a look at mine.

Usually we don't support charity-oriented threads, but we are making a rare exception in this case, because we think it's an opportunity to do some real good without asking for any money. The magazine is going to donate all the spare CDs we can rake up (and that's probably a few) to this deserving cause, and we're hoping you can help.

Give generously if you can.

Very many thanks.

P.S. please don't post anything related to other charities in this thread - we know there are many deserving causes, but we are making this a one-off appeal. I hope you'll understand.

  PaulB2005 19:03 07 Nov 05

Why not also ask Tiscali, AOL and the others that bundle CDs in magazines or their distributors? They might have a load of old stock.

  Forum Editor 19:06 07 Nov 05

Not a bad idea.

  watchful 19:57 07 Nov 05

Will have a root round.

  hzhzhz 20:49 07 Nov 05

Smashing idea.

  TOPCAT® 21:15 07 Nov 05

is there a deadline for these CDs to arrive at PCA HQ? TC.

  fullyfitted 21:37 07 Nov 05

nice one ,

I've read the Blog and I am being my usual thick self... will you take any CD ? be it music; data ex magazine etc

Can I suggest you also post this in the Helproom if you've not already done so

Good luck , I hope you have plenty of office space, I think you will need it


  Mr Mistoffelees 21:45 07 Nov 05

Yep, and I'm going to put up a notice at work to try and drum up a few more.

  Forum Editor 22:47 07 Nov 05

and yes, we'll take any type of CD - even old PCA coverdisks!

There's no deadline, but the sooner the disks and phones arrive at our offices the sooner we can get them off to the charity on your behalf.

  dan11 22:55 07 Nov 05

I have two autistic sons, so I know what you mean.

Will have a dig around and send off, asap.

  Forum Editor 23:21 07 Nov 05

Wonderful, thanks very much.

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