PS2 and 160 games how much

  iqs 16:26 26 Jan 08

Hi,I am currently going through the treasures in my attic,before the attic floor ends up in the bedooms.

I have a lot of items which might before something.

I have a very big retro computer and console collection.Mainly from the late 70's(pong machines)80's(spectrum C64)and 90's (sega).These I'm reluctant to part with,over 20 big boxes full of hardware and 1000 and 1000 of games.

What I am considering selling, is the original PS2 and the newer version all boxed.I have about 160 games as well to sell,possibly.So does any one want to hazzard a possible value of the PS bundle please.


  iqs 16:27 26 Jan 08

should read
I have a lot of items which might be worth something.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:50 26 Jan 08

1) place on Ebay.
2) set minimum prices that you would be happy to receive.
3) let market forces take control.

...having had a quick scan I would say that your collecion, apart from being eclectic and being 'treasures' to you, has little real value. Your best bet is the PS2's, although Ebay has nearly 3000 of these for sale.


  iqs 17:04 26 Jan 08

GANDALF <|:-)> I had a quick look on Ebay before I posted the thread.There were a few PS2 bundles for sale,none with the amount of games that are included with mine.
I have a rough price in mind,if I decide to sell via Ebay.I thought I would obtain some feedback before listing.

Thank you for your help

  egapup 18:24 26 Jan 08

With all those games it's got to be worth £200.

  iqs 16:12 27 Jan 08

egapup,I was hoping for more then £200,to me its priceless.To others........Thanks for your comments.Cheers

  Jpeg6785 19:32 27 Jan 08

Some of the items you mention would be worth a lot of money or equally nothing at all, it depends basically on the condition of the box and contents a used c64 unboxed or with a tatty box - a couple of pounds, a mint as "new" condition one without discolouration with mint manuals and unmarked external box might be worth a couple of hundred.

My sister sold a PS2 and 40 gamnes the other day for £45.00, you would be unlikely to get over £200.00 punds for it.

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