promised £60

  Teaboy 17:35 19 Jan 09

On checking my bank account I see that nice man Mr. Darling has kept his promise to give me, and other mature folk, £60 extra to compensate for the rising cost of energy. What a lovely fellow!

This gesture will of course be seized upon by the energy companies to increase their charges further, as clearly, older citizens can now afford it.

  aine 17:45 19 Jan 09

when did you check your a/c? We never received ours for december, I thought all pensioners would get theirs before xmas. Whether it will come in this month, I dont know Aine

  mobileman1953 17:53 19 Jan 09

Teaboy was your payment added to your benefit or was it a seperate payment as i have not recieved mine yet if you dont mind me asking

  Curio 18:14 19 Jan 09

Mine arrived 12 Jan. Separate payment

  spuds 18:16 19 Jan 09

If you are over 65 and on a government pension, then you should have got the £200 plus £10 bonus at Christmas time.Those over 75 got £300 plus £10 bonus (I think!). The £60 extra payment for the people eligible should get it this month, I got mine last week.

Other people on certain benefits should receive a cold weather payment, which is different to the extra £60 payment.

  egapup 18:47 19 Jan 09

Do you get the winter fuel allowence when you reach 60??

  BigAl127 19:20 19 Jan 09
  Spark6 19:58 19 Jan 09

The Xmas £300 was for the over 80's, I didn't get it being only 76! I have received the £60 though.

  wellshgit 20:20 19 Jan 09

My wife and myself got our £60 each last week. I have received 3 £25 cold weather payments.
The winter fuel payment was £250 which I received in November.

  Kaacee 21:56 19 Jan 09

Got mine and the wifes £125 end of November, received both our £60 ontop of normal pension payment last week.

  BT 08:52 20 Jan 09

Winter fuel payment is paid at 60. Now increased to £250 from this year. You have to apply for it if they don't send you a form. Download a claim form here

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