iqs 03 Jun 12

Hi, Watched Prometheus on Friday,but did I miss something.

Warning spoilers follows......

In the original alien film,the creator of the aliens is fossilised in the flight chair of his ship,in Prometheus he dies on the Prometheus escape pod.

So is this an error ,or did I miss something


  Forum Editor 03 Jun 12


I work six days a week, and for a few hours most evenings, so I wouldn't say I had any more time on my hands than most people. The thing is, you make time to do the things you like doing.

  Quickbeam 04 Jun 12

WOW, the best Alien film yet!

I've just gotten back from the flicks, Peter O'Toole plays a magnificent part and it fits perfectly as a prequel with no missing holes skimed over. Why did it take him over 30 years to return to this subject? And the end left an opening for the survivor to make another film or two.

  Aitchbee 04 Jun 12

...does he play a drunk guy like wot he did in a famous stage play ...the name of which escapes me?

I think I will go see it.

  Quickbeam 05 Jun 12

One other thing... in the original Alien, they all smoke like chimneys around the meal table which makes it very dated when watching it in this age of smoking taboos. Yet there is still a character that smokes cigars on the space ship.

  rickf 05 Jun 12

Waiting to go with impatience. Scott is the master of the genre!!

  Matt Bell 06 Jun 12

I watched the movie and overall I am not very pleased. The effects were amazing but I didn’t like the act.

  Aitchbee 06 Jun 12

Last night, I watched a Scottish 15 minute TV program preview of PROMETHEUS...and the actors getting 'grilled'. It was a thrill to hear a Glasgow actress KATE DICKIE had taken part in the procedures, aka...FORD, in the film.

Peter O'Toole, Ridley Scott, Glasgow.... what a combination!

  Aitchbee 06 Jun 12

...I mised out the Aliens.

  daz60 06 Jun 12

As Matt Bell i was very impressed by the effects but i think it was miscast.The only actor who i felt empathy with was Fassbender as Dave,ironically playing a robot,an excellent performance.No depth to the other portrayals and Theron, well she looked pretty.

It has left room for sequels and a new franchise possibly but he needs to improve to generate the kind of feedback he received for the first two Alien features,irrespective of the success of this movie.

  Joseph Kerr 06 Jun 12

I have little but time, but not much is inspiring me film wise of late.

Isn't a fossil dead by definition?


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